About Banter Press

Our mission is to communicate hard-won lessons from active and experienced professionals.

As we search for our first works to publish, we hope to capture the advice of great mentors and present their words in carefully edited and expertly produced e-books, printed books, and audiobooks.

We seek¬†nonfiction authors who are active speakers and writers within their industry, especially those who do seminars or consulting. Currently, we’re eager to see topics in business communication, writing, professional services marketing, personal branding, and marketing technology. We are open to works that have unfairly gone out of print.¬†

Submission Method:

Submit outline, maximum sample chapters, bio, analysis of competing books, and author’s plan for promoting the book.

Please don’t postal-mail us – e-mail in PDF format.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Dave McClintock at banter@wordsupply.com.